Monday, 6 April 2015

Basketball Manager Game Set Key

Download at :

Basketball Manager Game Set Key
-> Make a hotkey to view the all players's details


Key Set:
N,571,259,2000,Left Click,1
N,570,285,2000,Left Click,1
N,570,304,2000,Left Click,1
N,572,321,2000,Left Click,1
N,569,330,2000,Left Click,1
N,569,345,2000,Left Click,1
N,569,363,2000,Left Click,1
N,570,375,2000,Left Click,1
N,566,390,2000,Left Click,1
N,566,401,2000,Left Click,1
N,566,414,2000,Left Click,1
N,839,213,5000,Left Click,2

Windows7 - file missing problem
Step 1 -> Right click Autokey15.exe
Step 2 -> select "Run as administrator"

Connect fail problem
Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options
Advanced -> Security
Warn if changing between secure and not secure mode (Untick)

Video Link :

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