Friday, 7 November 2014

Bao Bao Tan Ke Zhi A Bao Set Key

Autokey15 Download Link :

Bao Bao Tan Ke Zhi A Bao(阿宝和小狸猫) Set Key

爆爆坦克 - 自动释放小招+大招+发射子弹
适用坦克 : 阿宝,小狸猫

Second = 100 = 0.1 second
Click 'Add Key' Button(Become Green Color), then press key E and key Space
Select 'Left Click (Down)', then click 'Add Click Method' button
Click '<<<<<-----' button
Repeated to Implement - Select 'Yes'
Press F7(Start) / F8(Stop)

Key Set:

Windows7 - file missing problem
Step 1 -> Right click Autokey15.exe
Step 2 -> select "Run as administrator"

Connect fail problem
Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options
Advanced -> Security
Warn if changing between secure and not secure mode (Untick)

Video Link :

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