Friday, 24 January 2014

Tu Zi Shui Guo Xiao Xiao Kan Set Key

Match3 Auto Hit ver1.21

Tu Zi Shui Guo Xiao Xiao Kan(兔子水果消消看) Set Key

Windows7 - file missing problem
Step 1 -> Right click Match3.exe
Step 2 -> select "Run as administrator"

Setting :
Screen Resolution -> 1024 X 768
Color quality -> Medium (16bit)

Match3 Setting:
Size (X=10 ; Y=10)
Multi object selection = 51
Total Target Match = 2
Run Timing(UnTick)
Scan From (Bottom To Top ; Left To Right)
Speed = 100
Move X(Untick)
Double Check Result(Tick)
Turbo Mode(Tick)
Length of scan = 7X7
Specific Scan Area(Untick)
Click Method = Click

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