Sunday, 22 December 2013

Stick Double Dragon 3 Set Key

Download at :

Stick Double Dragon 3(火柴双截龙单双人版) Set Key
->Make a hotkey, press N = A -> A + J  ; Press M = D -> D + J

Copy paste the following into the 1.txt, save in Auto11\Continuous folder
B||20|A,65,Key Down
B||20|A,65,Key Up
B||20|A,65,Key Down
B||100|J,74,Key Down|A,65,Key Up
B||100|J,74,Key Up

Copy paste the following into the 2.txt, save in Auto11\Continuous folder
B||20|D,68,Key Down
B||20|D,68,Key Up
B||20|D,68,Key Down
B||100|J,74,Key Down|D,68,Key Up
B||100|J,74,Key Up

Windows7 - file missing problem
Step 1 -> Right click Autokey14.exe
Step 2 -> select "Run as administrator"

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